Empowering Progressiivne Liikumine to make an impact


Media Scope Group provided website design and development, creative consultancy, technical support, and advisory services to Progressiivne Liikumine (Progressive Movement), an Estonian non-profit organization. These services are part of Media Scope Group’s impact strategy to support civil society and youth participation in public life in Estonia.


Media Scope Group designed and developed the website of Progressiivne Liikumine. The website is optimized for performance, speed, and security. It is transparent, easy to use, intuitive, and lightweight.

The website is also optimized for local SEO to ensure a good position in search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, and Yahoo.

The website’s design represents the values of the organization, fresh ideas, and readiness for action. The website’s look and feel are friendly, inspiring, and creative.

The website consists of the following features:

  • Main page with information about the organization, its values, and vision
  • News section
  • Membership application section with direct access to articles of association of the organization
  • Section with information about key people
  • Donation page
  • Links to social media profiles of the organization

The user interface and user experience have contributed to the organization’s success in recruiting more members and building the image of a very active and engaged organization.

Email automation

Media Scope Group implemented email automation on the website of Progressiivne Liikumine. Email automation is a process of sending automated emails to subscribers based on their behavior or actions on the website. Email automation helps Progresiivne Liikumine engage with their audience and build relationships with them.

Productivity tools

Media Scope Group helped Progressiivne Liikumine gain access to Microsoft productivity tools for NGOs and implemented the tools following industry standards. The tools include Microsoft Office, which provides a range of applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These applications help the organization streamline their work processes, collaborate more effectively, and improve productivity.

Microsoft 365 also provides cloud storage through OneDrive, which allows the organization to store and share files securely. The cloud storage feature ensures that the organization’s data is backed up, synchronized and accessible from anywhere.

Media Scope Group’s implementation of Microsoft productivity tools has helped Progressiivne Liikumine work more efficiently and effectively, contributing to the organization’s success.

Technical support and advisory

Media Scope Group actively provides free technical support, maintenance services, and advisory to the organization. Media Scope Group also maintains an open communication channel for providing free advisory.


Media Scope Group’s services have empowered Progressiivne Liikumine to realize its potential, mission, and vision. This partnership not only contributes positively to societal development but also encourages the younger generation to be more active in public life in Estonia.

The case study underscores the significant role of such collaborations in fostering a vibrant and engaged society.

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