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Open Source Projects @ Media Scope Group

Media Scope Group and its affiliates contributes to open source projects and communities. Our employees contribute to projects ranging from Linux and Hybris to Kubernetes and Dokku.

MySQL Server

MySQL Server, the world’s most popular open source database, and MySQL Cluster, a real-time, open source transactional database.

Media Scope Group QuickScripts for Oracle Linux 8

QuickScripts for Oracle Linux 8 and distributions using Oracle repositories.

Dokku Hosts

Plugin for setting etc/hosts entries within the app container.

Instant Octoprint Notifications for Telegram

Instant Octoprint event notifications for Telegram plugin.

myPolitics Classic

myPolitics Classic frontend

myPolitics API

myPolitics backend


Linux kernel source tree

DO K8S Terraform

Reworked kubeadm deployment.

Sejm members scraper

Get information about each member of the Polish parliament and save it to a JSON file for easy access and manipulation.

Twitter political views recognizer

Command line program for recognizing political views of Polish twitter accounts.

Free datasets

Data sets available for free


WebSub Spec in Social Web Working Group