Impact by reimagining what is possible

Media Scope Group is a social impact and social change company built by the people to benefit people, societies and shaping a new, inclusive economy.

Our business model goes beyond the enabling unique and personalized experiences and innovation. It is based on our core values that make our company Media Scope Group. By connecting and empowering people, companies and organizations across the globe we are contributing to society, human rights and environment.

Values-based leadership

Media Scope Group is a multinational integrated communications agency built on core values of empathy, diversity, integrity, respect, openness, collaboration, and accountability. We are a cultural influencer that uses creativity and innovation to solve business challenges. Our team of passionate, strategic, and creative thinkers work together to deliver communications solutions that inspire, engage, and activate people and communities. We believe in the power of communication to drive social change and create a better world.

Responsible, inclusive technology

We know that digital technology can have a positive impact on societies and economies. Our mission is to build a global ecosystem that reaches and works everywhere and empowers anyone. Media Scope Group develops its own technologies, contributes to communities, supports organizations committed to making positive impact. We believe that technology can and should be a major force for good.

Reimagining Capitalism

We know that free markets have led to prosperity for some, but also caused harm, inequality and inequities. We aspire to change this.

Media Scope Group knows that the problem is caused by structural issues at the heart of the economic system and technology world. Our mission is to address these structural challenges to build an inclusive and empowering economy where markets serve the many, the interests of all people and societies.

Privacy-first MarTech and AdTech

We believe that marketing and advertising technologies have the power to connect and empower people and societies. We are aware that the advertising world created many problems for privacy, societies and human rights. Media Scope Group is working to address these major problems by creating responsible marketing and advertising technologies respecting people’s right to privacy and opening a new chapter for a cookieless world.