On the way to reimagine journalism for the digital age

About Media Scope Group

"There is only one way to protect the rights of individuals in the world of censorship and mass surveillance. This way is to give every man the right to talk freely about what he or she thinks and to provide journalists and activists a safe and innovative platform for production and publishing."
— Media Scope Group Founder, Dawid Wiktor

We are different. We are led by a spirit of freedom of information and independence. We do a lot: from responsible and reliable journalism to creating entertainment and arts. Launched by Inspire founder, journalist, activist and crypto-philantropist Dawid Wiktor, Media Scope Group is based on the principles of freedom of speech and the press, transparency and accountability, responsibility and care for the rights of every human being.

We believe in the power of fearless reporting combined with the promise of technological innovation. Media Scope Group is on the way to reimagine journalism for the digital age and distributed web.