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"Media Scope Group builds a platform for people, original ideas, engagement, depth and reader experience. We are also working on innovative projects and do a lot of research to deliver cutting-edge technologies for journalists, bloggers, activists and influencers. "
— Media Scope Group Founder, Dawid Wiktor

Launched by journalist, activist and crypto-philantropist Dawid Wiktor, Media Scope Group is a cutting-edge, media and technology venture which shapes the future of journalism and entertainment. We believe in the power of independent, fearless and original reporting combined with the promise of technological innovation that helps us do a lot: from responsible and reliable journalism to creating entertainment and arts.

Dawid Wiktor
Founder & CEO

Patryk Jaworski
Chief Technology Officer

Ignacy Brees
Managing Director, Editor-in-Chief, Alternatywa

Kacper Duras
Technology Director