China Connect is your one-stop shop to enter, operate and succeed in China.

One-stop shop and gateway to China

Media Scope Group is your trusted partner for entering, operating and succeeding in China. With Media Scope Group China Connect, you have access to dedicated and tailored business solutions delivered to you by top-notch professionals and experts to help you start, operate and achieve business success on the Chinese market.

Beijing, China

Go-to-market solutions

From business registration and strategy, office solutions and compliance to operations and promotion, Media Scope Group offers you unparalleled expertise and resources to successfully launch and win on Chinese market. China Connect is our premier solution for those who want to build strong and credible business in China, navigate risks and build good relationships with stakeholders.

Trusted by Chinese companies

Chinese companies of all sizes trust Media Scope Group. Every day, Media Scope Group experts run communications and marketing campaigns, provide consulting services, develop software, and deliver data analytics solutions to Chinese companies and organizations operating locally and globally. The same experts that are working with Chinese companies on the Chinese market will work with you to help you succeed in China.

Platform neutral

Media Scope Group is a platform neutral service provider in China offering cloud computing solutions of all major cloud providers and technology companies in China. We are your reliable partner who will help you to find and deploy right solutions, harden security and build on trusted, safe and open infrastructure.


Media Scope Group is specialized in marketing and advertising in China. From brand strategy and development to organic, celebrity endorsements, influencer and performance marketing, we help you win and grow.
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Specialized consultants are assigned to each and every client. We help you in building a strong business, managing your company, optimizing operations and costs, creating unique organizational culture.
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Effective design and branding form the foundation of all our projects. We build trusted and credible brands in China people love, create products that make a difference and generate value, and provide creative advisory to give you the advantage.
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Public relations

We create a communications strategy that represents your mission, vision and values. We build trust and good relationships with all stakeholders in China, including opinion leaders, media and authorities.
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Market research

Our scientific approach results in outstanding accuracy and insight. Whether you are searching for general insights, looking for new niches or identifying prospects and partners in China, we are ready to help you.
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Data science and analytics

Creative insight helps us to unfailingly hit the nail on the head. We leverage industry-leading behavioral analysis, predictive modelling and precise segmentation. We provide intelligent data platforms to drive data-enabled growth.
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Legal services

Our team of legal experts can help you in establishing a company in China, filling all the paperwork, ensuring compliance with laws on all levels, protecting trademarks and intellectual property and resolving disputes.
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Office solutions

We can provide you with the professional office solutions such as private offices, co-working spaces. Our office solutions will help you adapt to the changing business and market with flexibility and agility.
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Translation services

Our experienced translators worked with companies and organizations of all sizes and are ready to assist you and help you with translating content, websites, documents, real-time translation during meetings and events.
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Accounting and taxation

We provide tax planning, agency accounting and bookkeeping services that are tailored to individual needs of companies of all sizes, including startups, medium-sized companies and large enterprises.
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Identity verification

We offer a set of identity verification services covering different business scenarios, including live detection, Optical Character Recognition and verification based on biometrics and behavioral traits.
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Content moderation

We utilize deep learning and artificial intelligence to provide content moderation solutions such as intelligent content moderation systems for images, voice, videos, text and other multimedia.
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China Cloud

China Cloud is your trusted gateway to digital success in China. We offer China Cloud in partnership with Tencent Cloud, leveraging Tencent’s vast ecosystem in China and extensive experience to provide high-performing trustworthy cloud computing.
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China Investor Network simplifies the path to funding for entrepreneurs and businesses. With our dedicated team and extensive network of investors, we make the process of obtaining funding simple, easier, and more convenient than ever before.
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One-stop shop and single point of contact.

Media Scope Group China Connect gives you everything you need while reducing time, efforts and costs related to managing all operations and having to deal with many service providers. One-stop shop and single point of contact means flexibility, transparency, agility and cost savings.

We are ready to help you.

Whether you are a startup, small business, medium-sized business or large enterprise, Media Scope Group is your one-stop shop and gateway to China. With Media Scope Group China Connect, you can easily start your business in China, operate it and succeed on the Chinese market.

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