USA: Biotechnology company – data driven marketing and new revenue streams

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The Problem

An innovative biotechnology and bioinformatics company created a powerful bioinformatics platform, telemedicine services and successfully tested its own gene therapy. The company wanted to increase its market share, attract new clients and build a professional network. The budget of the company was limited due to the focus on research and development of the company’s products and services. This led the company to choose Media Scope Group as a trusted partner for its communication, marketing and data analytics.

The Solution

Media Scope Group conducted qualitative and quantitative research, built 28 audience segments and created precise personality profiles of the prospects. We performed a complete analysis of the client’s social media visibility, SEO, current sales and marketing strategy and all past marketing efforts. Media Scope Group prepared a new communication strategy, detailed step-by-step plan, and recommendations to improve the company’s online presence and communication. We created a new data-driven content marketing strategy, improved search engine optimization. We also launched new digital campaigns that generated hundreds of leads for the client’s sales team.

We instructed the sales team how to deal with clients more effectively and provided customer insights that helped to close the deals. Media Scope Group conducted a communication campaign to build a professional network of medical doctors, pharmacists and private clinics that helped the client in market expansion.


The company closed a lot of deals with new clients, improved the public image and presented itself as an innovative company in the industry. Our consultants helped to create new revenue streams by providing strategic advice and strengthened the company’s position on the market.

The client spent only a fraction of the budget compared to the previous budget that was used for marketing efforts. This significantly impacted the financial condition of the company and allowed it to allocate more funds to research and development.

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