Media Scope Group unveils new visual identity

Media Scope Group logo on blue background

In advance of launching novel solutions and services, and making a significant shift in Media Scope Group’s history, we are thrilled to announce the unveiling of the company’s new visual identity. Driven by our team’s innovative and creative vision, we have come a long way.

While we are undergoing significant visual change, our core values remain the same—they are more important than ever. Our mission is to connect and empower people, companies, and organizations in the world to make an impact.

As we launch new services, update existing ones, and integrate our platform with third-party solutions, now is the perfect time for a change. From Media Scope Group websites, Experiences Platform, Launchpad, and resources, to our brand-new services and solutions, you will see a common look and feel providing a better seamless experience across platforms.

New Media Scope Group website with a new visual identity.

The Media Scope Group brand is not just about names and logos. We play an important role in organizations and the lives of people, we have our mission and values that we are committed to. Our new visual identity is intrinsically linked to what we do and what we believe. We believe in connecting and empowering people and organizations around the world, creating economic growth and good jobs, delivering real value to our clients, partners, employees, and society, and in making the world a better, open, and more connected place for all.

What our new visual communication represents

Media Scope Group’s visual communication represents its core values of empathy, diversity, integrity, respect, openness, collaboration, and accountability.

Media Scope Group is sophisticated, reliable, and effective. Simultaneously, it is youthful, collaborative, and agile.

Media Scope Group logo on colorful background.

This juxtaposition forms the foundation of Media Scope Group’s corporate visual identity. Its visual language is professional, strong, and respectable, as well as energetic, playful and contemporary.

A note from our CEO

“Our work was always about connecting and empowering people and brands, creating solutions and being trusted partner,” said Dawid Wiktor, Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group. “Our new visual identity expresses our mission, vision and values. The time for change is also important as the advertising world faces new challenges. Media Scope Group is still the same company, but we are opening new chapter not just for our company, but also for our stakeholders. Media Scope Group built its own solutions and created a set of services to move from out-dated, privacy invasive advertising to cookieless marketing and delivering unique, personalized experiences across platforms, both online and offline.”

The Next Generation Media Scope Group

A new era for Media Scope Group has come. The Next Generation Media Scope Group is committed to providing an unrivalled level of professionalism, cutting-edge advertising technologies, and solutions needed to empower people and organizations across the planet.

Media Scope Group will continue work at the forefront of communications, cookieless marketing and advanced data analytics. Our tried-and-true approach continues to help companies ranging from seed-stage startups to blue-chip brands. Media Scope Group will move yet further and create new experiences for businesses, organizations, consumers, and wider society. We are also moving to create an ecosystem of solutions and services to deliver the future today and for the new Internet—truly cookieless advertising and the metaverse.

People-first company

At Media Scope Group, we know that companies are built by people. Media Scope Group is a people-first company. We balance execution with humanity by caring about our people as much as we care about business outcomes. We empower you whatever your role is and grow the people-first culture through resources, connections, conversations, diversity and being fair.

Mission and vision

While our company is changing, our core beliefs and mission remain the same. Our mission is to connect and empower people, companies and organizations in the world to make an impact. Media Scope Group is still based on the core values that makes our company Media Scope Group:

  • Empathy—because we are a company built on and encouraging empathy.
  • Diversity—because we recognize and value that everyone is different.
  • Integrity—because we are ethical, honest, trustworthy and committed to our values.
  • Respect—because we know that the feelings, thoughts, and backgrounds of others are important.

Media Scope Group is a social impact company

Media Scope Group is a company built by people. We believe that innovations, initiatives, and our other efforts can positively impact the society and environment.

Media Scope Group’s business model goes beyond the enablement of customer experience, creative experience, and innovation. It’s based on our core values that makes our company Media Scope Group. By connecting and empowering people, companies, and organizations across the globe we are contributing to society, human rights, and the environment.