Media Scope Group Nominated as a Top Big Data Company in Estonia by Data Magazine

Best big data startups and companies

We are happy to announce that Data Magazine nominated Media Scope Group, an Estonian behavior change agency and data-driven communications firm, as a top Big Data company in Estonia.

At Media Scope Group, we are committed to building big data and advanced data analytics solutions to revolutionize the relationships between brands, organizations, and audiences. By building these solutions we can drive data-enabled growth for our clients, predict the future and create highly targeted advertising with behavior change communication that influence the behavior of prospects and customers.

Among the solutions that we have built there are Athena, a privacy-friendly advanced analytics and advertising technology platform that empowers marketers and decision makers to drive data-enabled growth, Big Data Polling, a statistically robust market research for insights on business and politics and Cogency, a data-driven solution ensuring strong messaging persuasion.

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