Media Scope Group joins Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy

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Media Scope Group, an Estonian multinational integrated communications firm, has officially become a part of the Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy (CCCE), an initiative led by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy. The CCCE initiative is designed to inspire and assist European companies, with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, in accelerating their efforts towards a sustainable energy transition and combating climate change. This collaboration underscores Media Scope Group’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy aims to empower European businesses in their journey towards a net-zero carbon economy. With climate change becoming an increasingly urgent global challenge, this initiative represents a critical platform for businesses to collectively address the issue and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Dawid Wiktor, Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group, expressed the company’s dedication to a sustainable and eco-conscious future, stating, “Media Scope Group remains committed to building a sustainable future for all. Contributing to a clean energy transition and climate action is essential in doing so, as we are speaking about our world and the future of all living beings, including future generations. Joining Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy means that we are committing towards a clean future, sustainable development, and building a social and environmental consciousness.”

This strategic decision to join CCCE as Silver Pledger aligns perfectly with Media Scope Group’s broader social and environmental impact strategy, further solidifying the company’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future. By becoming a signatory of CCCE, Media Scope Group is actively pledging its support for a cleaner future, sustainable development, and a heightened sense of social and environmental responsibility.

As Media Scope Group takes this significant step towards environmental stewardship and climate action, it underlines the company’s deep sense of responsibility towards addressing the global climate challenge and helping build a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Media Scope Group looks forward to collaborating with CCCE and its partners to further amplify its commitment to environmental conservation and the transition to clean energy solutions.

For more information about Media Scope Group’s involvement with CCCE and its ongoing commitment to sustainability, please contact:

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