Market research for a state-owned foundation

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Media Scope Group was commissioned by a state-owned foundation from a European country to undertake a comprehensive market analysis in a Central and Eastern European country. The foundation’s primary objective was to facilitate the entry and operation of businesses in the target market, thereby securing a competitive edge, and provide key insights to the embassy to help the government in crafting policies to attract foreign companies.


The core aim of the research was to generate actionable insights that would:

  • Assist companies in navigating the complexities of the new market.
  • Identify strategies for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage.
  • Support the embassy of the foundation’s home country in providing key insights to help the government in crafting policies to attract foreign companies.


We have employed a multifaceted approach to the market research, which included:

  • Quantitative analysis of market data to understand consumer behavior and trends.
  • Qualitative interviews with key stakeholders to gain in-depth insights.
  • Big data polling and analysis.
  • Comparative studies of similar markets to forecast potential challenges and opportunities.


The research unveiled several key factors that could affect business operations and success in the market:

  • Regulatory environment and its impact on business operations.
  • Consumer preferences and demand patterns unique to the region.
  • Competitive landscape and positioning of existing players.


Based on the findings, Media Scope Group proposed a strategic framework for companies considering market entry:

  • Develop localized business models to align with consumer expectations.
  • Leverage government incentives and support programs.
  • Establish partnerships with local entities to enhance market presence.


The insights provided by Media Scope Group have been instrumental in:

  • Guiding companies to make informed decisions about market entry and expansion.
  • Enabling the foundation’s home country to position itself as an attractive destination for international businesses.
  • Strengthening the economic ties between the foundation’s home country and the target market.


The collaboration between Media Scope Group and the foundation has yielded a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe. The strategic insights derived from the research are poised to foster successful market entries and sustainable business growth, contributing to the broader economic development objectives of both countries involved.

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