Intellectual property

Media Scope Group is an owner and user of intellectual property (IP) that is used to create innovations, cutting-edge technology, and solutions to empower people, companies and organizations across the globe. We rely on many types of intellectual property – including copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. We always work to use intellectual property to create innovative solutions while preserving the balance that benefits all stakeholders who engage with our IP.

Our use of the IP is responsible as we believe that open innovation is essential for building open, sustainable, collaborative ecosystems and benefiting stakeholders.

Copyrights and permissions

Media Scope Group products, solutions and services (the “product” or the “products”) – including text, images, logos, audios, videos, websites and other content (the content) – are owned by Media Scope Group or its subsidiaries. Our products, solutions and services may contain content owned by third parties who have granted Media Scope Group permission to use the content. While permission to use of content owned by Media Scope Group or its subsidiaries may be granted to you by us, we cannot grant you permission for content that is owned by third parties.

General guidelines for allowed use

Use full name
If your use is referring to Media Scope Group or a Media Scope Group product, you must use the full name of the product when referencing to our products and Media Scope Group trademarks.

Media Scope Group logos and product names
Media Scope Group logos and product names may only be used in compliance with Media Scope Group trademark and brand guidelines. For other use, please contact us.

Reprinting articles and images
If you wish to reuse or reprint articles and images you found on Media Scope Group websites, please contact us. Resources in our Knowledge base are open cultural works (open content), which are licensed under a public license.

Provided that material is available at no charge, it is not used for sale outside or publication outside of your company or organization, you are allowed to link or point to articles published on Media Scope Group websites for informational purposes. It is required to take the user to the Media Scope Group page where the original content is published.

Offensive use prohibited
Your use must not be obscene or pornographic, and must not be defamatory, libelous or disparaging to Media Scope Group, its products, its affiliates, or other person or entity.

School projects and reports
You can use content from Media Scope Group websites and services in school reports provided that you comply with the following guidelines. You are allowed to critique or comment on the product, solution or service.

Questions and requests
If you have additional questions regarding the use Media Scope Group copyrighted content, please submit your detailed request to [email protected].

Contributor agreements

At Media Scope Group, we know the importance of open source projects and communities. We are required to have agreements between our company and everyone who contributes the code.

Please note that if you are contributing your code to Media Scope Group or its subsidiaries, the conditions of Contributor Agreement apply.

Media Scope Group is a registered trademark of Media Scope Group OÜ.