Latin America: Increasing the public image of one of the largest Asian pharmaceutical companies

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One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia asked Media Scope Group to help in increasing the public image of the company in Latin America to popularize the company’s COVID-19 vaccine. At the time, the vaccine giant wanted to strengthen the position on the market and take more active role in helping the region to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Media Scope Group conducted a precise analysis of the region, created and implemented the strategy with the aim of increasing the reach of the company and improving the public image. We advised the company to make donations of vaccines to governments and governing bodies responsible for healthcare, pharmacy, sports and other key areas of life. Our consultants ran successful marketing and communication campaigns that promoted the company and its vaccine, improved the public image and presented the company as the leader of vaccine distribution in Latin America.

Media Scope Group also provided strategic advice and assisted the company in persuading decision makers to prioritise and choose the giant’s vaccines. The company successfully increased the reach of its products, built strong position on the market and is considered as the leader of vaccine distribution in Latin America. Finally, the giant is now trusted by the governing bodies and the public.

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