EMEA: Audience research and advisory materials for customers of one of the hosting companies

Corporate building

The hosting company operating on the EMEA market decided to team up with Media Scope Group to conduct an audience research and preparation of a collection of advisory materials and guides for customers.

Our work: Audience research and advisory materials

Media Scope Group conducted research on the company’s clients to thoroughly understand their needs, segment their audience and develop a content plan. Then Media Scope Group developed a collection of tips and guides for the clients of the hosting company.

By understanding the needs of customers, we were able to prepare all the materials that were delivered to customers quickly.


  • The content tailored to the profile of the recipient.
  • The level of customer satisfaction of the hosting company increased significantly.
  • Feedback collected from customers indicated a better perception of the brand.
  • Customers willingly and often used the created content.

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