China: Gaining acceptance for LGBTQ people

LGBTQ flag

Media Scope Group conducted a campaign for LGBTQ rights in China preceded by advanced research. The main goal of the campaign was to increase the level of acceptance for LGBTQ people through the appearance of content related to the LGBTQ community in public discourse.

Advanced Research

China has been conducting repressive action against the LGBTQ community for many years. In 2019, Media Scope Group began research to better understand the cause of repression. Through research, we have collected demographic, geographical, social, historical and psychographic data that allowed us to develop Chinese personality models.

Using advanced data analysis, Media Scope Group was able to identify ways of communication that would maximize LGBTQ acceptance by increasing the visibility of LGBTQ people and by liberalizing the Chinese Government’s approach to LGBTQ.

Behavioral Communication & Government Relations

Media Scope Group initially supported petitions addressed to the Chinese Government, which contributed to the petition being recognized for the first time in Chinese history. In 2020, an advertising campaign appeared on the network, which depicted a homosexual couple. Our team at this time began an intensive information and behavioral campaign, which aimed to popularize the LGBTQ issue in China by radically increasing the reach of the advertising campaign. At the same time, Media Scope Group supported further advertising campaigns with LGBTQ threads, as well as other activities in Chinese social media, such as Weibo.

Increasing the visibility of LGBTQ themes posed a sharp contrast to the country’s rigid silence of them during the past decades.

A successful campaign is proof that Media Scope Group methodologies on which our company’s behavioral communication and information campaigns are based are the most effective tool in the fight for human rights.

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