Understanding the readers for content optimization

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The Polish-language news portal, which publishes information related to daily events, the environment, business, finance, macroeconomics, politics as well as opinions and comments, decided to use the services of Media Scope Group to better understand readers and reach new groups.

Our work

Media Scope Group analyzed content recipients and audience groups to understand readers and potential content recipients. By using our methodology and predictive analytics, Media Scope Group has developed detailed information on audiences, including audience types.

Thanks to demographic data on age, gender, as well as the use of information related to income, wealth, lifestyle, profession, and education, the client received recommendations and assistance in implementing changes.


  • The content published by the web portal, as well as the portal itself, has reached a wide range of audience, with lower than ever financial expenditure on promotional campaigns.
  • The involvement of the reader community has been increased.
  • The editors have acquired several partners.

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