UAE: Demand analysis, Bitcoin payments implementation and promotion

Cryptocurrency payments

One of the fast-growing companies in the United Arab Emirates asked Media Scope Group for an analysis of the demand for introducing Bitcoin payments.

Our work

Media Scope Group conducted market research and analysis of the company’s current customers to find out if there is a need to introduce a new payment system. After thoroughly analyzing the collected data, Media Scope Group provided the client with information that indicated the sense of introducing Bitcoin payments.

The client asked for help in implementing the new payment system and to promote it. Media Scope Group, based on previous analyses of the payment system’s needs, has implemented Bitcoin payments in the most optimal form for customers.

Media Scope Group segmented the audience, then prepared messages for individual groups, and then successfully carried out the targeted campaign.


  • The company managed to attract new customers who decided to pay with Bitcoin. Some existing customers have also decided to change the payment method.
  • The satisfaction of new and current customers who have the option of paying with both fiat currency and Bitcoin has increased.
  • The brand image has gained on the introduction of the new payment system and the appropriate campaign.

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