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About ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle is a prominent player in the WordPress ecosystem, dedicated to creating high-quality themes and plugins. With a strong user base, the company sought to improve their Neve theme, aiming to provide an exceptional user experience for their customers.

Recognizing the need for expert advice, ThemeIsle approached Media Scope Group to help it navigate the complex world of product development.

Services provided by Media Scope Group

Media Scope Group provided comprehensive advisory services to ThemeIsle, focusing on various aspects of Neve’s product development.

Product development guidance

Media Scope Group’s expert collaborated closely with ThemeIsle’s team to analyze the existing Neve theme and identify areas for improvement. Our expert provided valuable insights into enhancing the theme’s functionality, design, performance, and user interface to align with the evolving needs of WordPress users.

Promotional materials development recommendations

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive documentation and resources for users, Media Scope Group advised ThemeIsle on creating helpful materials for Neve customers. Media Scope Group has recommended the creation of user guides, tutorials, video content, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist users in effectively utilizing the Neve’s features.

Technical materials development recommendations

Media Scope Group’s expert provided advice on developing technical documentation for Neve to ensure that users will have access to proper technical information, guides, examples of implementation to assist users in utilizing the full potential of the Neve theme.

Results and benefits

Enhanced product

Through Media Scope Group’s expert guidance, ThemeIsle successfully improved the Neve theme in several areas. The revamped theme offered enhanced performance, a modern and intuitive user interface, improved compatibility with plugins, and increased customization options. These enhancements allowed Neve to provide a seamless and feature-rich WordPress experience to its users.

Helpful resources

Following Media Scope Group’s recommendations, ThemeIsle developed comprehensive materials for Neve users. The user guides, tutorials, video content, documentation and FAQs proved invaluable in assisting users with the installation, customization, and optimization of the Neve theme. This improved the overall user experience and reduced customer support queries.

Successful launch

Media Scope Group’s advisory played an important role in the successful launch of the Neve 3.x line.

What the client says

Media Scope Group is very analytical and concise and we had some great insights from it on our Product audit session. Their advisor provided detailed and structured feedback that we have used to improve our product for clients.

Marius Cristea, Chief Technology Officer, ThemeIsle


Media Scope Group’s collaboration with ThemeIsle on the Neve theme’s product development proved to be a fruitful endeavor. Through their comprehensive advisory services, Media Scope Group assisted ThemeIsle in improving the Neve theme’s functionality, design, and performance, while also providing valuable recommendations for creating helpful resources to elevate ThemeIsle’s position in the WordPress market.

The cooperation between ThemeIsle and Media Scope Group showcased the power of expert advice in delivering a superior product and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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