Premier data analytics services

Media Scope Group’s premier data analytics services are designed to enhance your ability to locate, comprehend, and interact with stakeholders with greater efficacy. While our services are available à la carte and can be customized to suit your specific requirements, when utilized collectively, they form a comprehensive, seamless campaign solution. Media Scope Group delivers a measurable, data-driven strategy for campaigning that stands out in the industry.

Our approach to data analytics and research

From data analytics to impact

Our data analytics services facilitate the swift and effective engagement and persuasion of stakeholders.

Data integration

We integrate a variety of data sources to cultivate a detailed, comprehensive understanding of stakeholder behavior. Accurate and relevant data is the pivotal starting point for effectively identifying, comprehending, and influencing individuals’ actions.

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By harnessing data from a curated selection of leading data providers and merging it with our clients’ proprietary data, we create enhanced, in-depth insights. We then consolidate these data assets, aligning them with our analytical resources, to facilitate the swift and effective engagement and persuasion of stakeholders.

Audience segmentation

Utilizing predictive analytics, we segment stakeholders into distinct categories, employing artificial intelligence that analyzes individual behavioral patterns to predict future actions.

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We pinpoint stakeholders most likely to engage with our clients’ messages and forecast their future behaviors. This insight allows us to deliver highly personalized experiences to stakeholders, designed according to their anticipated behaviors.

Targeted communications

Our strategy encompasses a broad spectrum of platforms to disseminate messages seamlessly across desktop, mobile, tablet, offline mediums, radio, and connected TV devices. We utilize a diverse array of channels, including display, video, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, native content, audio, interactive elements, and search engines. Our comprehensive cross-device placement ensures stakeholders are reached wherever they may be. Additionally, we align our target audiences with TV set-top box data to refine linear broadcast media purchases.

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As a holistic strategic communications firm, we execute digital and TV advertisements that forge a stronger connection between our clients and their stakeholders. Each creative is meticulously designed with compelling visuals and language to resonate emotionally and leave a lasting impact on stakeholders.


We meticulously monitor and evaluate enhancements in our clients’ performance throughout and after campaigns. Performance metrics are integrated back into our clients’ databases, informing and refining the strategy for future campaigns.

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With Media Scope Group’s sophisticated reporting and campaign management tools, we provide a transparent overview of campaign influence, conversion rates among targeted audiences, and results from A/B testing—both in the moment and over time. This empowers our clients to rapidly discern and implement pivotal insights with ease and efficiency.

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By choosing Media Scope Group’s data analytics services, you gain a strategic partner who understands data science, data analytics and has its own proprietary algorithms and methodologies, possesses the necessary expertise, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. With our support, you can effectively utilize the power of advanced data analytics to understand and communicate with your stakeholders and influence their behavior.

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