SCLA Academy partners with Media Scope Group to create better learning experiences

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Media Scope Group, an Estonian multinational integrated communications agency, is pleased to announce that SCLA Academy is teaming up with Media Scope Group to create better learning experiences and unique way of multicultural learning.

The aim of the cooperation between Media Scope Group and SCLA Academy is to provide a single educational, branded platform for professionals from the law industry and professional services providers from Europe and Asia. As SCLA Academy is known as a trusted and credible source of knowledge, know-how and best practices, it provides legal practice training to grant lawyers insights into what legal practice is like. It provides a multicultural learning environment and enables self-achievement. Media Scope Group activities aims to improve the learning experiences by providing human-centered immersive, unified learning environment that creates a community, shapes debates and facilitate discussions.

Laptop showcasing SCLA Academy website aimed at improving learning experiences.

Community built-in features are changing the way of learning: from focus on individual learning to learning based on individual and group practice, exchanging ideas and sharing materials to gamification and rewards system.

“Building better learning experiences is about holistic and human-centric approach,” said Dawid Wiktor, Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group. “SCLA Academy’s track of work shows that the Academy is capable of providing top-notch trainings and other learning opportunities. By improving the learning experiences. we want to ensure that all participants and students will be able to realize their potential, improve skills and gain know-how in a way that will be tailored to their needs through personalization and multicultural community.”

As part of the partnership, Media Scope Group is also updating the visual communication of the Academy to unify it with the SCLA brand. The changes are covering logo, colors, user interface and materials. Incoming changes will be rolled out on regular basis.

The image shows the updated logo of SCLA Academy.

Additionally, Media Scope Group will help SCLA Academy in organizing and running online and offline trainings and courses in Europe, China and other Asian countries. By doing so, we hope to help in promoting more transparent, integrated and collaborative legal world.

About Media Scope Group

Media Scope Group is an Estonian multinational company focusing on marketing, design, consulting, public relations, and market research. The company has extensive experience, employs a holistic approach, and excels at working with clients who require a wide range of capabilities and tailored solutions. Media Scope Group works with enterprises of all sizes, including one of the big four advertising agencies and major tech companies. Media Scope Group is well-experienced in building beloved brands and designing visual experiences worth thousands of words. Media Scope Group actively contributes to open-source projects and strives to set the standard for the advertising and design industries.

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About SCLA Academy

SCLA Academy provides a unique way of learning. It creates a community and facilitates discussion in the group learning process. When you login to SCLA Academy, you will be emerged in a learning environment with colleagues from different countries around the world.

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