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Media Scope Group is a global election management agency and science-driven communications company with services that help you to find, understand and engage with audiences effectively. Our services can be purchased individually and tailored to your needs, but combined together they offer a fully campaign and communication package.

Media Scope Group provides clients with a truly quantifiable approach to political and social campaigning.

Psychographics, behavioral data, smart data


We know the most successful winning campaigns are supported by detailed research that reveals key information about voters, the things they care about and what drives their behavior.

We review your existing audience information and carry out custom research projects for your needs. By using quantitative and qualitative, or combined research methods, behavioral sciences and our proven methodologies, we can help you better understand your audiences and their personality.

We collect and analyze valuable information on voters, donors, opposition and trends to provide the most precise picture of voter and supporter behavior.

Smart Data Integration & Modelling

All data sources are combined to provide a rich, holistic view of individual’s personality and behavior. This is the starting point for finding, understanding and persuading people to vote a certain way or to support every case.

Psychographic Analysis & Audience Insight

We profile and segment your electorate into distinct audiences using predictive analytics powered by artificial intelligence, behavioral science and proven methodologies to create informed forecasts of future behavior. We show you members of the electorate most likely to respond to your messages and how they might behave in future.

This service lets you deliver highly targeted content and experiences to prospects and supporters.

Highly Targeted Advertising

We leverage multiple platforms to deliver messaging and to reach your audiences wherever they are. We are able to place digital and TV ads to bring you closer to the voters and supporters. The visuals and language are crafted to engage audiences emotionally and impactfully.

Highly targeted advertising


Our experience has taught us that in the run up to a successful election you must have a clear robust strategy that engages your audience in the right place and in the right way.

We offer our clients unique insight into the public’s perception of a given political party or candidate, as well as the primary behavioral triggers that form the basis for voter decision-making. Our methodologies enables us to correctly identify and then target key audience groups with the right messages, delivered via the right source, using the right channel. It is this that makes our proven methodologies the most powerful electoral effects-based tools available.


Bold visual identities can be created for campaigns using dynamic branding, which can then be disseminated to the public via marketing collateral and merchandise, from t-shirts to bumper stickers.

Online Engagement & Community

Online voter engagement and community building can help spread your message beyond the limits of traditional campaigns and empower previously unrepresented groups of voters.

Engagement and community building

Press & Public Relations

The online presence of campaigns can be enhanced through dedicated websites and social pages, advertising campaigns and profile building via search engine optimization and targeted outreach.

Media Training

Modern political campaigns take place across multiple platforms and attract diverse audiences. We can train your campaign team to always present its best side to the media and the public.

Counter Operations

Campaigns can be designed that demonstrate the weaknesses and negative personality traits of the opposition in a way that highlights their failings without appearing overly aggressive.


Our experienced elections management team know the pressures of a campaign and have the resolve to get winning results. We can ensure the smooth running of campaigns by anticipating problems and preparing solutions on the path to the voting booth.

In time critical scenarios Media Scope Group can deploy a field team to mentor and guide key party staff in the implementation of core campaign activities. Our experience of advising candidates throughout the life of their campaigning effort has instilled within Media Scope Group the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients. We can provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular client’s organization and equip them with a bespoke plan to accentuate their advantages and mitigate identified problems.

As a firm with an experience in the electoral management arena, we understand that the needs and abilities of each client are unique and tailor our capacity building efforts to the pre-existing conditions of each campaign. We understand a crucial part of any election fight is day-to-day organizational management during the white hot heat of a campaign. Our advisors can help support your existing organization to give your campaign a massive strategic advantage.

Party Audit

Party audits are useful for assessing campaign readiness and resource allocation in order to accurately measure capacity building needs and identify potential strengths and weaknesses.

Party Organization

A modern party needs to be flexible and dynamic to win competitive elections. Our campaign specialists can isolate structural improvements and strategies to assist party growth at all levels.

Budgeting & Fundraising

Media Scope Group can help you raise vital campaign funds and significantly enhance the strategic allocation of funding, maximizing the effectiveness of a campaign while reducing unnecessary expenditure.

We support you from start by research, analysis, strategy, capabilities building, advisory, communications and management to campaign finish.
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