Organizing the delegation of the Embassy of China


As the global business landscape is evolving rapidly, establishing international partnerships and exploring new markets is crucial for growth. Media Scope Group, a strategic communications firm, was recently presented with a unique challenge: to organize a delegation for the Embassy of China.

The primary objective of this delegation was to attract innovative companies to consider forming partnerships with companies in China and offering their solutions on the Chinese market.


The Embassy had several needs in achieving its goal.

First, it needed to identify potential partner companies that would be interested in exploring opportunities in China.

Second, it required insights on these companies to utilize a data-driven approach in its decision-making process.

Third, it needed to initiate contact with these companies, arrange visits, and maintain communication to build good relations with stakeholders.

Media Scope Group has stepped in to address these challenges.


Media Scope Group adopted a comprehensive and strategic approach to meet the Embassy’s needs:

  • Identification of potential partners: Understanding the importance of targeting the right companies, Media Scope Group conducted a thorough analysis to identify companies that could be reached to discuss opportunities in China. This step was crucial in ensuring that the delegation’s efforts would be directed towards the most promising prospects.
  • Insights and data-driven approach: To ensure the Embassy had a clear understanding of the identified companies, Media Scope Group provided detailed insights. These insights were derived from a data-driven approach, enabling the Embassy to make informed decisions and tailor their approach to each company.
  • Initiation of contact: With the potential partners identified and insights at hand, Media Scope Group initiated contact on behalf of the Embassy. This step involved reaching out to the companies, introducing the Embassy’s initiative, and expressing interest in organizing a visit.
  • Communication and relationship building: Recognizing the importance of maintaining good relations with stakeholders, Media Scope Group maintained communication on behalf of the Embassy. This ongoing communication helped to build rapport and foster a positive relationship between the Embassy and the potential partner companies.
  • Arrangement of visit: Once the groundwork was laid, Media Scope Group arranged the visit of the diplomatic staff to the identified companies. This involved coordinating schedules, planning the itinerary, and ensuring all logistical aspects were taken care of.
  • Advisory services: To ensure the success of the visit, Media Scope Group provided advisory services. This included preparing the Embassy’s delegation for the visit, advising on best practices, and ensuring they were equipped to make the visit productive.
  • Feedback collection and analysis: After the visit, Media Scope Group collected feedback from all parties involved. This feedback was then analyzed to identify areas of improvement and inform future activities and visits.


The delegation from the Embassy successfully visited and met representatives of the identified companies. The meetings were productive, and all parties expressed satisfaction with the outcomes.

Stakeholders positively received and perceived the visit of the Embassy, which helped to foster a positive image of the Embassy and its initiative.

Furthermore, the companies that met the diplomatic staff from the Embassy expressed keen interest in exploring business opportunities in China and partnering with Chinese companies.


Media Scope Group’s strategic approach, combining strategic communications, delegation organization, and a data-driven approach, proved to be highly effective in achieving the anticipated outcomes. Our efforts not only facilitated productive meetings but also paved the way for potential business opportunities in China.

This case study serves as a testament to Media Scope Group’s expertise in strategic communications and delegation organization, and its commitment to delivering results.

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