Orchestrating the AI Global Forum at the United Nations


In a defining moment of synergy and innovation, Media Scope Group spearheaded the communications of the AI Global Forum held at the United Nations Office in Geneva.

This case study encapsulates the multifaceted contributions made by Media Scope Group, showcasing our expertise in crafting a seamless digital experience, creating compelling visual narratives, fostering a robust digital presence, and executing flawless event coordination.

Crafting an intuitive digital hub

Media Scope Group took the lead in conceptualizing and developing the AI Global Forum’s digital nucleus – a sophisticated, intuitive, and lightweight website built on Tencent Cloud. Our commitment to user-centric design not only conveyed the essence of the event but also ensured a seamless and engaging experience for participants navigating the platform.

  • Homepage of the AI Global Forum website.

Curating visual excellence

Our artistic prowess shone through as we curated visually striking content across various mediums. From captivating social media graphics to website visuals and impactful presentations, Media Scope Group’s creative touch contributed to a cohesive brand identity, leaving an indelible mark on the AI Global Forum.

Some examples: Agenda | Event Slides

Amplifying digital reach

Recognizing the pivotal role of a robust digital presence, Media Scope Group strategically positioned the AI Global Forum across digital platforms. Our adept navigation of the digital landscape expanded the event’s reach, creating a global audience eagerly anticipating the groundbreaking discussions on artificial intelligence.

Strategic communications and marketing

The success of the AI Global Forum was underpinned by Media Scope Group’s comprehensive communication and marketing strategies. Leveraging diverse channels, we not only attracted a diverse audience but also ignited global conversations around the event’s themes and objectives, fostering anticipation and engagement.

Seamless event coordination

Collaboration with event organizers was at the heart of our involvement. Media Scope Group seamlessly integrated with organizational efforts, providing invaluable support in coordinating the AI Global Forum and associated networking events. Our hands-on approach contributed significantly to the flawless execution of the forum, leaving a lasting impression on participants.


Media Scope Group stands as a beacon of excellence in the successful orchestration of the AI Global Forum at the United Nations. Our holistic approach, encompassing website design, visual content creation, digital outreach, communications, marketing, and event coordination, surpassed expectations and solidified our position as leaders in comprehensive event management. The success of the AI Global Forum serves as a testament to Media Scope Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the seamless integration of creativity and strategy on the global stage.

This case study is a testament to our ability to elevate events to extraordinary heights, leaving a lasting impact on participants and stakeholders alike.

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