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Online dating company in Asia: Data-driven decision making

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The Problem

Despite having successfully used TV advertising, one of the world’s largest online dating companies located in Asian country wanted to better understand the audience. The company’s techniques to measure the TV effectiveness and know more about the audience were not effective and couldn’t attribute and optimize TV spots for engagement.

The Solution

The company needed a trusted partner with proven methodologies and technologies to deliver advanced audience analytics. So, the company turned to Media Scope Group.

Media Scope Group quickly deployed all necessary tools, customized target audience analysis and TV Target Audience methodology, and assigned dedicated consultants to work with MSG Commercial’s analysts.

The team matched the company’s and MSG’s data sets, then created precise individual profiles with a focus on geographic location, demographics, social data, sexual orientation, sexual identity and personality traits. Based on over 27,000 datapoints, Media Scope Group built 27 audience segments most likely to respond to ads.

MSG Commercial helped the company create customized, precisely targeted TV and digital ads as well as provided effectiveness measurement and optimized ad buying.

The Results

One of the largest online dating companies in Asia is still using solutions and services provided by Media Scope Group for quick analysis and decision-making.

MSG Commercial’s approach is helping the company maximize effectiveness, optimize TV spending and increase ROI.

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