Media Scope Group supports raising Estonia’s minimum wage

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As inflation and the cost of living skyrocket globally, those earning minimum wage are among the hardest hit. In Estonia, where the inflation rate is a staggering 20,1%, a minimum wage hike is long overdue.

While we acknowledge that this issue is a multifaceted one, we remain committed to our mission and values and hold that an increase to the minimum wage is urgently needed. As a people-first company, we believe that paying workers less than a living wage is unconscionable. Media Scope Group supports the Estonian Trade Union Confederation’s calls to raise the minimum wage and the basic exemption to €700, raising the net income of the lowest earners by €96 monthly.

Media Scope Group maintains that all workers deserve a good standard of living. As follows, the minimum wage must be a living wage. Raising the minimum wage will fuel economic growth, increase workers’ productivity, and help to reduce the gender pay gap.