Media Scope Group launches Media Scope Group China


Media Scope Group, an Estonian multinational integrated communications agency, is thrilled to announce the official launch of Media Scope Group China with offices located in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Media Scope Group China is continuation of our market expansion in China

Media Scope Group is a company that already operates in the Chinese market and has successfully built lasting relationships with many stakeholders in China. Our mission is to connect and empower people and brands in the world to make a positive impact, and we are proud to fulfil this mission also in China. Official launch of Media Scope Group China is the next important step in building strong market position by delivering modern technologies, tailored solutions and services to Chinese companies, organizations and individuals, and western companies aiming to market their products and services in China.

In China, Media Scope Group will offer its all solutions and services to ensure the equal access to them and fair treatment of all stakeholders. This includes consulting, advertising, design and communication services as well as application development, dedicated IT solutions, Launchpad and advisory services. For European companies, Media Scope Group will offer solutions to effectively enter and operate on the Chinese market and effectively market products and services.

“With the launch of Media Scope Group China, we will be able to contribute to the development of both Estonian and Chinese societies and economies, building bridges and increasing the cooperation between companies in both countries,” said Dawid Wiktor, Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group. “Media Scope Group has a vast experience and capabilities to do so, and we would be pleased to work with all stakeholders to build a better common future.”

Media Scope Group China will contribute significantly to create better understanding between Europeans and Chinese, improve cooperation and relationships between Chinese and western companies, build bridges connecting the West and the East and bring mutual benefits.

Media Scope Group will continue creating good, decent jobs both in Estonia and China to empower people to fulfil their potential in dignity and equality.

About Media Scope Group

Media Scope Group is an Estonian multinational company focusing on marketing, design, consulting, public relations, and market research. The company has extensive experience, employs a holistic approach, and excels at working with clients who require a wide range of capabilities and tailored solutions. Media Scope Group works with enterprises of all sizes, including one of the big four advertising agencies and major tech companies. Media Scope Group is well-experienced in building beloved brands and designing visual experiences worth thousands of words. Media Scope Group actively contributes to open-source projects and strives to set the standard for the advertising and design industries.

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