Media Scope Group launches Launchpad, a new solution for doing business without costs

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Launchpad by Media Scope Group. With Launchpad it is possible to do business from anywhere in the world without having to register the company and incur costs associated with running the company.

Launchpad by Media Scope Group is an ideal program for all those who plan to start their adventure with business, but do not want from the very beginning to deal with monthly fees, costs of doing business and accounting. Media Scope Group does not charge any monthly fees, so program participants can focus on work and organizing a good work-life balance. Media Scope Group charges only 10% of the net value of each transaction (issued invoice).

This means a win-win situation for entrepreneurs, creators, independent consultants and freelancers and Media Scope Group.

We want people across the world to be able to start their own businesses, transform their ideas into projects, services and solutions. Launchpad is a way for a good start for everyone, including those who do not have the funds to establish and run companies.

Dawid Wiktor, CEO of Media Scope Group

More information about Launchpad by Media Scope Group and the application form can be found on the special program page: Launchpad by Media Scope Group.