Media Scope Group launches Athena for cookieless world

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Media Scope Group announces Athena, a new global data venture and a powerful, privacy-friendly digital mind that empowers marketers to drive cookieless, data-enabled growth powered by distributed AI. To help clients realize the value of their first-party data and the power of Athena, Media Scope Group will consult on and implement their data and strategies, advise on data-driven marketing and privacy-first approaches. Our consultants will help clients to navigate in the fast-changing data world.

We believe that marketers own their first-party data with consumer permission by respecting the right to privacy. Athena will help marketers and brands by creating cookieless solutions and services to support clients in responsible application of data in advertising and decision-making process. The leading role of Athena is to orchestrate and integrate data sets, help in managing first-party data and expanding audiences for growth. Athena is also the solution to use data to optimize and improve media, ad spending, creative and consumer experiences and the engine of privacy-friendly advertising technologies.

Athena is a venture with key product categories – audience insights powered by our proven methodologies; planning; private identity solutions; AI-powered advertising technologies; predictive analytics; services such as custom technology development, data management operations, strategy consultancy, data as a service, end-to-end campaigns.

Dawid Wiktor, CEO of Media Scope Group, said:

Today, we see how the world of advertising and data is changing, how cookieless era is coming. We see that brand have an imperative to leverage their first-party data to make marketing and data-driven decision making more effective and personal while respecting consumer privacy. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and we also believe that responsible, privacy-friendly approach could empower advertising and businesses to drive their growth, gain insights, shape the creative work and measure results. We know that this requires a comprehensive approach and decided to integrate the powerful solutions used by all our divisions into a single global data venture.

Dawid Wiktor, Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group

Athena is built on Media Scope Group’s data and consulting capabilities, years of research, development, and experience. Athena will operate as part of MSG Commercial, Media Scope Group division focused on working with clients from commercial sector, including startups, businesses, and large enterprises. The research part will be provided to MSG Research, a research division led by Kristin Hanke, Chief Data Officer of Media Scope Group.

About Media Scope Group

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