Media Scope Group CEO Dawid Wiktor on efficient coordination of distributed teams

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As the company grows, at the head of each group of employees, at least some of whom work remotely, must be an experienced strategist who will skillfully command them. Such a person simultaneously creates plans, organizes meetings, provides necessary tools, resolves conflicts, represents the team before the board, collects, analyzes and provides feedback, and above all: takes responsibility.

A good group leader is a treasure, because learning leadership skills is a complex and lengthy process. It’s worth looking for such. The right person who has all the competences and raises the respect of the coordinated will not only lead the projects to a happy finale, but will also reveal the full potential of each employee individually.

The works are supervised by appointed coordinators who receive instructions and tasks, the effects of which are later reported. We leave them a lot of freedom to choose the contact channel – they can report by email, chat or during a video call. We always require them to prepare a short summary covering the progress of work and completed tasks, etc. In addition, there is cyclical detailed reporting, which includes a period of work tailored to the needs of an individual project. We also take care of communication between the management and employees, so in many situations we have the opportunity to directly contact employees regarding the tasks entrusted to them.

Dawid Wiktor, Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group.

The content comes from a guide for employers (“ABC pracy zdalnej. Zespoły rozproszone w erze cyfryzacji”), for which Dawid Wiktor, CEO of Media Scope Group, shared his advice on the work of distributed teams.