Media Scope Group and Swiss Chinese Law Association forms strategic partnership

Media Scope Group, an Estonian multinational integrated communications agency, is proud to announce the strategic partnership with Swiss Chinese Law Association, a global leadership community of extraordinary legal professionals and industry leaders.

The strategic partnership of Media Scope Group and Swiss Chinese Law Association will help in connecting and empowering a global community of lawyers and professional services providers in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the world, and promoting global collaboration by crossing geographical and cultural barriers. Swiss Chinese Law Association and Media Scope Group will together spark transformation in business and legal industry to build a better, open and fair world.

By partnering with Media Scope Group, Swiss Chinese Law Association, and its members and partners will have access to personalized and unique services and solutions, expert resources, insights, learning opportunities and solutions to enhance brands, communication, research, leadership, decision-making and business skills. Media Scope Group will also help Swiss Chinese Law Association and its members to create positive impact across the globe and drive sustainable growth. The partnership will also bring benefits to Media Scope Group clients and partners as both organizations will work together to deliver customized learning opportunities, access to leading public intellectuals, resources and experts.

“We are thrilled to work together with Swiss Chinese Law Association to connect and empower the organization itself and its members,” said Dawid Wiktor, Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group. “Working with organizations like SCLA will contribute positively to improving understanding and cooperation between Europeans and Chinese, and begin a new chapter in making positive, global impact.”

“Media Scope Group is a reputed creative design corporation with mastery in creative design. More fundamentally is that Media Scope Group has vast experience in cross-cultural dialogues and first hands industrial experience,” said Tianze Zhang, Global Coordinator of Swiss Chinese Law Association. “SCLA is delighted to be a Media Scope Group partner as Media Scope Group will help SCLA and its members to have sustainable growth and create international impacts.”

About Media Scope Group

Media Scope Group is an Estonian multinational company focusing on marketing, design, consulting, public relations, and market research. The company has extensive experience, employs a holistic approach, and excels at working with clients who require a wide range of capabilities and tailored solutions. Media Scope Group works with enterprises of all sizes, including one of the big four advertising agencies and major tech companies. Media Scope Group is well-experienced in building beloved brands and designing visual experiences worth thousands of words. Media Scope Group actively contributes to open-source projects and strives to set the standard for the advertising and design industries.

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About Swiss Chinese Law Association

Swiss Chinese Law Association, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is an international organization of lawyers’ associations. The association strengthens legal understanding and cooperation between Europe and China by promoting exchanges between lawyers, academics, the public, and the private sectors. Its main service areas include international investment, dispute resolution, M&A restructuring, public policy, and international organization relations.

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