Germany: Increasing the value of prestigious cars sold at auction

Luxury car in Berlin, Germany

Media Scope Group was assigned the challenge of helping specialists in historic automobiles in increasing the value of prestigious cars sold at auction.

Media Scope Group undertook a comprehensive six-week behavioral research program into the target and secondary audiences. The findings of the research revealed that potential purchasers were unlikely to pay over-the-odds for a ‘mere car’ (however rare or beautiful) but could readily be persuaded to pay significantly more to purchase a story that captured their imagination.

The task therefore was to transform the auction from a sales house to historical museum, where the automobiles’ past, provenance, performance record and previous owners etc were all celebrated as much as the actual cars themselves. By creating personalities for the cars that anchored them in history and fueled prospective purchasers’ aspirations whilst providing talk-value, Media Scope Group extremely increased the value both the quantity and value of car sales at auction to an unprecedented level.

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