Chile: Victory in the constitutional referendum

An activist group has entrusted Media Scope Group with the task of supporting Chile’s constitutional reform campaign through a constitutional referendum.

Media Scope Group has performed advanced data analyses based on demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral, social and historical data. On the basis of the analyses, personality profiles were created, which served the precise segmentation of target groups, including a group of convincing voters. By analyzing millions of data points, Media Scope Group developed a communication strategy that involved intense behavior change campaigns to support the constitutional change movement as well as other activist and organizational activities.

Behavioral communication, which underpinned the behavior change campaign in Chile, directly influenced the behavior of large groups in society, not only to mobilize them to vote in favor of the constitutional change, but also to mobilize their families and friends, which in turn created a powerful social movement. At the same time, an information campaign on police brutality was carried out – the fact that information on police brutality spread rapidly from the beginning of the protests had a strong mobilizing effect on supporters of the constitutional amendment. Through psychographic messaging and behavioral microtargeting, Media Scope Group has created precise messages that interact with individuals at the personality level.

As a result of intensive efforts by Media Scope Group, the supporters of the constitutional change won the referendum overwhelmingly – almost 80% of voters supported changing the current constitution into a new one, which will be written by civil society.