Building stakeholder support for Asian giant in Europe

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Introduction: The need for stakeholder support in Europe

In an effort to expand its presence in the European market, Company A, an Asian conglomerate, embarked on an acquisition journey and building stakeholder support. Recognizing the importance of effective communication during the integration process, Company A employed a comprehensive communication strategy to build stakeholder relationships and support. This case study explores the key elements of their strategy and highlights the positive outcomes achieved through diligent communication efforts.

Research and tailored messaging

To lay the foundation for successful communication, Company A conducted extensive research on the target company’s culture, market dynamics, and communication preferences. This research allowed them to gain insights into the specific needs and expectations of the European workforce and tailor their messaging accordingly.

Media Scope Group experts have helped Company A with the cultural nuances and market trends. Company A was able to develop messages that resonated with the acquired company’s employees and stakeholders. This approach ensured that the communication efforts would be well-received and fostered a sense of understanding and collaboration.

Engaging PR professionals for building stakeholder support

Recognizing the importance of local expertise, Company A engaged Media Scope Group’s PR professionals who were well-versed in European market dynamics and cultural nuances. These professionals played a pivotal role in developing a robust communication plan that addressed the specific challenges associated with the acquisition.

Our PR experts emphasized the values of transparency, regular updates, and employee engagement in the communication plan. They leveraged their knowledge of European communication practices to devise strategies that would effectively disseminate information, address concerns, and encourage dialogue among employees.

Internal communication

To facilitate a smooth transition, Company A utilized various digital platforms for internal communication. With our public relations professionals, they leveraged the target company’s intranet and social media channels to disseminate key information and engage employees in a dialogue.

Regular updates and transparent communication created a sense of trust and openness among employees. The inclusive approach encouraged feedback and allowed employees to voice their concerns and suggestions. By actively involving employees in the integration process, Company A fostered a sense of ownership and minimized resistance to change.

External communication and media relations

Recognizing the significance of external stakeholders, Media Scope Group has advised the Company A to focus on external communication to shape a positive narrative around the acquisition. This resulted in collaboration with reputable European media outlets, arranging interviews with key executives and contributing articles that highlighted the strategic rationale and benefits of the acquisition.

These thought leadership initiatives not only positioned Company A as an industry leader but also served as a means to engage with the public and gain support from industry stakeholders. With successful activities aimed at actively engaging with the media, Company A managed to create a favorable perception of the acquisition, enhancing their reputation and credibility in the European market.

Positive outcomes: Strong stakeholder support and successful acquisition

Through comprehensive communication efforts of Media Scope Group, Asian conglomerate has successfully navigated language and cultural barriers, built trust and fostered stakeholder support. The transparent and inclusive communication approach contributed to a smooth integration of the acquired company into Company A’s operations.

The regular updates and employee engagement initiatives helped alleviate concerns and minimized resistance from the acquired company’s workforce. By tailoring their messaging to align with European market expectations, Asian giant has created an environment of understanding and collaboration, which facilitated a seamless transition.

Furthermore, the proactive engagement with the media allowed Company A to shape a positive narrative around the acquisition, gaining support from industry stakeholders and the public. The trust and credibility they established through their communication efforts further enhanced their reputation in the European market.


Asian conglomerate’s communication strategy created and implemented by Media Scope Group proved to be a crucial element in their successful acquisition and integration into the European market. With activities such as conducting thorough research, tailoring their messaging, engaging Media Scope Group professionals, and leveraging internal and external communication channels, Asian giant effectively addressed cultural and linguistic barriers, built trust among employees and stakeholders, and achieved a seamless integration.

This case study highlights the importance of strategic communication during the acquisition process and demonstrates how a comprehensive communication strategy can contribute to a successful transition and enhanced reputation in a new market.

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