Asia: Technology, youth and democratic governance

Truck on road near building and two motorcycles

Media Scope Group was contracted to assess how technology could best be used to provide a forum for youth to engage with discussions on democratic governance in one of Asian countries.

Media Scope Group evaluated the role that the internet and cellular phone technologies play in the radicalization process in Peshawar, and the aim of the project was to give data-driven recommendations on how to reduce the use of such technologies for violent extremist purposes. The approach included desk-based research, contextual analysis, literacy analysis, qualitative interviews, guided questionnaires, online questionnaires, analysis of internet histories and the use of a Facebook page.

Findings showed that respondents were aware of and had at times interacted with (but were strongly opposed to) such content. Barriers to open discussion included fear and lack of channels through which views on democratic governance could be expressed however, thus recommendations centered around behavioral change through the provision of forums for discussion and a clear government policy on measures to combat terrorism and promote democracy.

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