Media Scope Group Leadership

Media Scope Group leadership ensures growth, innovations and positive impact of the company.

Dawid Wiktor

Chief Executive Officer

Dawid is the Chief Executive Officer of Media Scope Group. He has structured multiple business and marketing plans, optimized business structures, and ran electoral and commercial campaigns. Prior to Media Scope Group, Dawid was CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Inspire.

Kristin Hanke

Chief Data Officer

Kristin is the Chief Data Officer at Media Scope Group. She is also a Chief Executive Officer of Inspire. She developed multiple advanced data analysis methodologies, algorithms and tools for finance, marketing and research purposes as well as built a predictive analytics software.

Ignacy Brees

Chief Operations Officer

Ignacy is the Chief Operations Officer of Media Scope Group. He worked with multiple political parties and NGOs as well as media communication advisor in many grassroot organizations. He is also the President of entrepreneurship-focused Youth Forum Lewiatan.

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Media Scope Group is a company built on mission, core values and unique cultural organization. Our mission is to connect and empower people, companies and organizations in the world to make an impact. Our executives ensure the fulfillment of this mission.