US presidential election: Defeating Donald Trump

Statue next to Donald Trump's Trump Tower

Media Scope Group was contracted by activists to provide a powerful behavioral change campaign to help Joe Biden’s presidential campaign to win over Donald J. Trump.

Media Scope Group analyzed millions of data points, identified the most persuadable voters, issues they cared about and created precise personality profiles. We then created a highly targeted content and data-driven communication strategy to mobilize voters and prevent the spread of fake news supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Advanced Research

Media Scope Group analyzed millions of data points, monitored the campaign’s progress in real time to create daily reports. The valuable insight was used to create a data-driven strategy and enabled our company to predict and understand every shift in voting intention.

The Power of Data Science

We built 35 custom data models by leveraging data science, predictive analytics and behavioral analysis. This allowed us to forecast voter behavior and drive targeted engagement.

Media Scope Group analyzed political, demographic, geographical, historical, social, psychographic and behavioral data to develop advanced American personality and political models.

Using these insights, we were able to determine the best way to influence them through digital marketing and communication campaigns.

Digital Marketing & Behavior Change Campaign

Media Scope Group built a large-scale information and marketing operations infrastructure and worked on multiple platforms to deliver targeted content and engage voters and supporters. For example, our behavior change campaign influenced voter intention, inspired people to take specific actions and mobilized voters.


Media Scope Group’s behavior change campaign contributed to the historic victory of Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. This victory is an example of how data-driven marketing techniques combined with behavior change campaigns can truly change behavior and secure a political candidate’s victory.

It is not a secret that our techniques and methodologies can be used to engage your key audiences, improve conversion rates, boost sales and build closer relationships with audiences.

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