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Poland 2.0: Nowy Model Mediów (Webinar)

Podcasts, online radios, online magazines, Twitter, YouTube – this is the reality of new media. This reality has been the news of the decline of traditional journalism for years, but analogue forms of communication are still doing quite well. So what is the issue of digitizing content and trends in online journalism?

Big Data Polling: Greater scale, better decisions

Political certainties have never been more uncertain. Small sample sizes routinely underrepresented significant segments of the electorate and conventional polls often fail to deliver insights. Certainty requires scale. With a top-level view we forecast shifts early and accurately. Giving you the advantage. The only way of reducing the statistical margin of error on a poll is to increase the sample… 

Cryptocurrency and ICO

The creation of the blockchain, and with it the cryptocurrency, initiated a new technological revolution covering the world of technology and creating a new Internet. Cryptocurrencies have become the drive for the new Internet, a tool for the free transfer of capital and allowing for quick and more secure payments. Their creation led to a breakthrough moment in which every…