Strategy & Communications

We work across multiple platforms and on every level of a community or country, from direct local interactions to large-scale event management and campaigns. Our communication services and solutions covers effective analysis, planning and implementation.

Key Services

Strategic Campaign Planning

By combining contextual and historical information with our research techniques and advanced data analysis we can identify audiences and key community influencers, and then begin to create the engagement strategy.

Engagement Strategy

Once the target audience is identified an engagement strategy can be designed and implemented to create an effective communication campaign across all relevant channels and face to face conversations.

Press & Public Relations

The online presence of organization can be enhanced through dedicated websites and social pages, advertising campaigns and profile building via search engine optimization and targeted outreach.

Media Training

Modern information and social campaigns take place across multiple platforms and attract diverse audiences. We can train your team to always present its best side to the media and the public.

Effectiveness Measuring

We monitor effectiveness of all our communication campaigns in real time, recommend changes and propose recommendations for future communication projects.

Budgeting & Fundraising

Media Scope Group can help you raise vital funds and significantly enhance the strategic allocation of funding, maximizing the effectiveness of an organization and its campaigns while reducing unnecessary expenditure.

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