We know the most successful winning campaigns are supported by detailed research that reveals key information about voters, the things they care about and what drives their behavior.

Media Scope Group has conducted research studies for candidates worldwide. Our research techniques are unique in not only do they draw on psychographic and behavioral insights, but also in that they have been honed through two decades of practical field application. MSG Political’s in-house research staff consistently works with local canvassers and candidate supporters to provide a powerful mixture of local knowledge assessed via our proprietary techniques. Looking at features such as the psychological structure of the electorate, the robustness of a campaign management organization and various big data sources, MSG Political is prepared to offer a thoroughly insightful analysis of a candidate’s electoral environment. Our qualitative and quantitative research seeks to understand communities households and individuals, to develop a deep understanding of the electorate in order to drive behavior change.

Key Services

Opinion Polling

Research based on standard electoral polling and population engagement services, including focus group discussions, direct interviews, closed questionnaires, and online research.

Behavioral Polling

Behavioral polling is used across whole populations to establish context and base level personality traits and issue profiles in order to accurately locate and segment large groups of people.

Community Structure Research

For markets where community structure is a critical factor in influencing the direction of political affiliation, we undertake a targeted form of voter segmentation based on indigenous culture.

Opposition Research

MSG Political has teams of researchers dedicated to understanding opposition campaigns. Research includes perception, strategy, and potential campaign and candidate weaknesses.

Household Canvassing

We use online, call center and door-to-door surveys to identify and monitor the demographic and attitudinal traits of individuals and small, geographically and socially linked groups.

We support you from start by research, analysis, strategy, capabilities building, advisory, communications and management to campaign finish.
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