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We Are Behavior Change Agency

Media Scope Group will equip you with the data and insights necessary to drive your voters to the polls and win your campaign. We offer a proven combination of predictive analytics, behavioral sciences, and data-driven ad tech.

With up to 40 000 data points on voters, we build your custom target audience, then use this crucial information to engage, persuade, and motivate them to act.

Our team of data scientists, expert researchers, filmmakers, and seasoned political operatives have produced decisive results for campaigns and initiatives throughout the world. We have successfully worked on projects for all branches of government and at local, state, and national levels.

Experience an End-To-End Campaign Service

Predictive Analytics

The global leader in predictive analytics, MSG Political provides precise insights that will allow you to forecast voter behavior.


With one of the best track records of accuracy in the industry, we will provide you with in-depth polling to advise informed decision making.

TV and Digital Ad Placement

Through our detailed models, predictive analytics, and sophisticated ad-tech, you can find the most effective locations for ad placement and meaningfully impact your voters.

List Building

Accumulate email addresses and an organic following in order to fundraise more efficiently and distribute campaign material.

Event Promotion, Volunteer Recruitment, App Promotion

Rally supporters, promote your campaign events, and increase attendance through our creative and precisely targeted messaging.

Real-Time Reporting

With our up-to-date reports, you will stay informed on the progress of your campaign and assess your voters’ reactions to the campaign in real-time.


More effectively engage and persuade voters using specially tailored language and visual ad combinations crafted with insights gleaned from behavioral understandings of your electorate.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Drive organized and methodical ballot initiatives, targeting the voters who could swing the election in your favor.

Run the Most Effective Campaign

Gain the advantage over your opponents by adding our blend of big data analytics and behavioral psychology to your campaign arsenal. Together, with an unmatched understanding of your electorate, we will pinpoint the voters who will turn the tide in your favor, creatively engage with them, and drive them to the ballot box.

Learn how you can run the most cost-efficient and effective campaign possible, with MSG Political.

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