Our experienced elections management team know the pressures of a campaign and have the resolve to get winning results. We can ensure the smooth running of campaigns by anticipating problems and preparing solutions on the path to the voting booth.

In time critical scenarios MSG Political can deploy a field team to mentor and guide key party staff in the implementation of core campaign activities. Our experience of advising candidates throughout the life of their campaigning effort has instilled within Media Scope Group the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients. We can provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular client’s organization and equip them with a bespoke plan to accentuate their advantages and mitigate identified problems. As a company with an experience in the electoral management arena, we understand that the needs and abilities of each client are unique and tailor our capacity building efforts to the preexisting conditions of each campaign. We understand a crucial part of any election fight is day-to-day organizational management during the white hot heat of a campaign. Our advisors can help support your existing organization to give your campaign a massive strategic advantage.

Key Services

Reputation Management

A crucial element of any campaign is the need to promote a positive image of the party and main candidates and defend them against any negative or personal attacks from opposition forces.

Event Management

From small community events to full-scale rallies of over 100,000 people, Media Scope Group knows how to put on shows that entertain, inform and engage the voters so they listen to your message.

Budgeting & Fundraising

Media Scope Group can help you raise vital campaign funds and significantly enhance the strategic allocation of funding, maximizing the effectiveness of a campaign while reducing unnecessary expenditure.

On The Ground Support

Teams of election experts from Media Scope Group can be embedded within your team to help train staff and oversee operations in order to ensure ongoing effectiveness as your campaign builds momentum.

To ensure candidates and party workers stay on the right side of rules and regulations a team of experienced legal professionals can provide thorough ongoing training and oversight.

Get Out The Vote

Successful GOTV starts months before the polls open, and is based on fundamental understanding of the individual motivations and desires of voters at community, constituency and national levels.

We support you from start by research, analysis, strategy, capabilities building, advisory, communications and management to campaign finish.
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