Media Scope Group Launches New Online Publication in Poland

October 12, 2018 | News Release

Media Scope Group today launched a new online magazine in Poland - Alternatywa.

The new, independent online publication is created by young, energetic, creative and talented people who are not afraid of new challenges. We believe that the voice of young people must be heard that they need a platform where they can publish what is important to them, what they are passionate about and everything related to their world. Thus, Media Scope becomes the first venture that provides young people with everything they need to develop a modern, youth magazine.

The editor-in-chief of the publication is Ignacy Brees, a Polish activist, founder of the Youth Freedom League, a young and energetic person whose task will be to lead a new magazine. The editorial board includes activists, experts in fashion, art and new technologies, people involved in social activities in Poland.

"In Poland, there has always been a need for a place where the voice of young people would be heard. Now, when the new publication started, I believe that it will be the place that the young generation needs so much. The publication created by young people to have a space in which they will be guaranteed freedom of expression is an ambitious project that gives voice to young people," said Dawid Wiktor, the founder of Media Scope Group.