Media Scope Group and Articl8 Together to Build Europe's First Pro-Privacy Industry Group

July 23, 2019 | News Release

We are pleased to announce that Media Scope Group together with Articl8 will build the Europe's first pro-privacy industry group.

Media Scope Group is an organization for which the right to privacy is one of the fundamental rights of each user. From the very beginning, our organization worked to ensure full protection of private data and was involved in the development of free, independent press and the Internet.

Fostering consumer and data protection as well as the cooperation in the perception of the social responsibility of the members, in particular by instruments of self-regulation, which is one of Articl8’s main purposes, is also important for our organization.

"At Media Scope Group, we believe that the right to privacy should be respected. We are actively working to build a better, safer Internet in which users' private data would be safe", said Dawid Wiktor, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Media Scope Group.

With the new pro-privacy industry group Media Scope Group is on the way to enforce protection of the fundamental rights and to strengthen the voice of pro-privacy organizations, journalists and independent activists. A new pro-privacy industry group is not just important for enhancing fundamental rights, but also for developing fairer markets.

About Media Scope Group

Media Scope Group is a cutting-edge media and technology company which shapes the future of journalism and entertainment. We believe in the power of independent, fearless and original reporting combined with the promise of technological innovation, passion, and creativity that helps us do a lot: from responsible and reliable journalism to creating entertainment and arts to connect with passionate, curious audiences across the world.

About Articl8

Articl8 is the first Europe's pro-privacy industry group.


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