Media Scope Group announces partnership with Apple

October 28, 2018 | News Release

Quick summary

The partnership formed to aggregate and deliver valuable and unique content in an attractive form.

Media Scope Group will provide content wherever Apple News is available and where media outlets of Media Scope Group operates.

Press release

Media Scope Group today announced a partnership with Apple in the field of content provision for Apple News users.

The main goal of the partnership between companies is to aggregate news and valuable content and deliver them in the form attractive to the recipients. The content created and published by media brands of the Media Scope Group will be aggregated and delivered through Apple News to recipients in those countries where Apple News is available and media outlets of the Media Scope Group operates.

"Media Scope Group is a venture that actively participates in changing journalism to be better and provides valuable content in an attractive format for recipients," said Dawid Wiktor, founder and CEO of Media Scope Group.


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