Marketing Week: Your employer brand means just as much to consumers

News Aug 25, 2020

Now may seem the right time to prioritise customer-facing brands, but in this crisis your employer brand is critical to staff motivation and consumers’ perceptions of your company’s ethics.

Pity your peers in HR. They spend years enhancing the organisation’s employer brand, with the aim of attracting, motivating and keeping the best people, only to find that they now need to wish swathes of those people well for the future, as they manage their redundancies.

Perhaps, in the days before the crisis changed everything, you and your opposite number in HR engaged in some friendly, and occasionally less friendly, rivalry. Even in good times, corporate resources are finite. Where you both fought for budget to be spent on activity incorporating the word ‘brand’, then surely, you argued, it was marketing rather than HR that should always be the driving force.

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