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October 1, 2019 | News Release

Alternatywa joins the world's largest coalition of media consisting of over 300 editorial offices from around the world, which have engaged in the joint fight against climate change threatening our planet.

The coalition, which was initiated by the Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation, is an important step towards effectively informing societies around the world about the climate crisis and supporting climate initiatives. The coalition was joined by, among other organizations such as Bloomberg, The Guardian or The Intercept. Alternatywa has the pleasure of being the first Polish portal in the coalition.

We believe that the joint effort of the media will not only allow us to inform the public around the world in a reliable way, but also provide support for climate initiatives and find concrete solutions to the crisis that we faced in the 21st century.

"It is the responsibility of all journalists and journalists to be involved in the project that was created to fight the greatest threat of our time, because it is the media, together with well-informed society, that are able to force politicians to take action to protect the climate", says Dawid Wiktor, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Media Scope Group, publishers of the Alternatywa portal.

By sharing materials with our partners from the global coalition of media, both online and printed, as well as using their materials, we will be able to put pressure on decision-makers and help the public understand the problem that threatens everyone in the world.

"Alternatywa has been dealing with the topic of climate change since the beginning and supports climate activism. We hope that by joining the international coalition of the media, we will contribute to a joint effort aimed at combating climate change", says Ignacy Brees, Editor-in-Chief of Alternatywa.

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