Polish digital magazine Alternatywa launched a new community group for artists

August 2, 2019 | News Release

Our online magazine Alternatywa (The Alternative), together with Varsztatovnia Foundation, launched a new discussion group on Facebook, which was created especially for artists.

Alternatywa is a Polish digital publication of Media Scope Group whose one of the goals is to create an open space on the Internet and in the media, including for creators. Editors of Alternatywa wants a new place created especially for artists and people fascinated by art to become an open space where young and novice creators will find a space for their creativity.

The Artistic Education group will publish information about cultural events. Members of the group will have the opportunity to exhibit their work for sale, exchange experience and knowledge, and much more.

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About Alternatywa

Alternatywa (The Alternative) is an online magazine created by young, energetic, talented people who face new challenges and topics. In our editorial team, we have award-winning activists, journalists, startup founders, high school and college students, enthusiasts of various fields.

Alternatywa is an online magazine of Media Scope Group.



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