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Launchpad Business

Built on Media Scope Group’s business, consulting, and start-up platform, Launchpad Business is the premier solution to start and successfully run your own fully remotely managed company in Estonia, Hong Kong, or Switzerland.

Everything you need

With Launchpad Business, you get everything you need, nothing you don’t. You will save a lot of cash without headaches. We are focused on being your trusted, dedicated partner and delivering the tailored solution based on a comprehensive approach. The solution that works.


Launchpaders enjoys benefits that are exclusively available to them. These benefits include discounts on marketing, data analytics and PR services, software development and licensing, cloud and many more. Launchpad is your one-stop shop created especially for you.

We are different

Launchpad Business is different than other solutions. Your success is our success. We know that the solution is the most effective when it’s tailored to your needs and provided with holistic and partnership approach. This solution is Launchpad. Launchpad is dedicated to excellence.

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