Media Scope Group Supports the International Humanitarian and Educational Project Face to Face with the World

November 30, 2018 | News Release

We are pleased to announce that the Media Scope Group supports the international educational and humanitarian project Face to Face with the World.

The Face to Face with the World project is an international organization of schools from around the world implementing an educational and humanitarian program. This program, which is also under the honorary patronage of the Children's Rights Ombudsman, is addressed to all educational institutions in Poland and aims to help in establishing contacts and conducting online educational activities together with schools and social institutions from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

How does it work? The class together with the coordinator jointly chooses the institution, the educational institution with which he wants to establish a relationship. After the coordinator of the Polish school and the coordinator of the institution selected by the school get acquainted, online lessons for children and youth begin. Conversations are conducted in English or French - it depends on the chosen country.

Each educational institution participating in this project receives an international certificate of the organization as well as the institution with which it cooperates. The goals of the project are: sensitizing the problems and life situation of others, counteracting racism and xenophobia, getting to know each other's culture, traditions and making friendships, respecting peace and respect for other people and learning a foreign language. At the same time, the project allows to use the potential of online education and contributes to popularizing the idea of helping others.


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