Estonia—a gateway to Europe

Individuals do not need to limit their lives and business interests to only one country. We recommend Estonian residence as a gateway to Europe, granting access to Europe’s Schengen Area. Life is not limited to one country and secondary residence in a suitable country is not just a luxury, but an important aspect of life. For most individuals, Estonia is not the first option that would come to mind when thinking about obtaining residence in Europe. While the country is small, it is not small-minded or not an interesting destination. In fact, Estonia offers a lot to their residents. First and foremost, Estonian residence gives access to the whole Schengen Area in the same way as for the EU/EEA citizens.

Estonian residents enjoy high quality public services and e-services, including free and convenient public transport, e-notary and health insurance. Health insurance is flexible as residents can choose between public or private health insurance services and it is possible to choose both.

For investors, Estonia offers many opportunities as the country is known as a business- and investor friendly. Foreign investors can invest like Estonian and European investors – there are no special restrictions, and it is possible to invest in any company registered in Estonia. The Estonian business environment is trusted and credible, and Estonia also acts as a gateway to Europe, granting access to the European Single Market and capital market for all companies established in Estonia and investors investing through Estonian companies.

R&D powerhouse

Estonia’s R&D ecosystem and digital capabilities are strong and making it an innovation hotspot. Successful Estonian start-ups include Skeleton Technologies, Bolt, Skype, Wise (formerly TransferWise). Estonia is also a home for global giants like Microsoft, Ericsson which are companies that all conduct research and development in Estonia. Estonia has strong industries and is a perfect choice for digital and knowledge-based businesses.

Foreign direct investment

The Estonian Government and Parliament are committed to facilitate entrepreneurship and foreign direct investment. The Government demonstrates flexible and needs-based legislation with priority on facilitation of entrepreneurship. This has created results such as a simple and transparent business environment, modern and simple tax system that are the key drivers of foreign direct investment in Estonia and development of Estonian companies.

FDI by origin (2021)

  • 21% Finnish companies
  • 19% Luxembourgian companies
  • 13% Swedish companies
  • 8% Latvian companies
  • 5% Belgian companies
  • 4% Lithuanian companies

FDI by field of activity (2021)

  • 30% financial and insurance activities
  • 18% wholesale and retail trade
  • 17% real estate activities
  • 11% manufacturing
  • 5% IT and communication

Interesting facts about the Estonian economy

  • The Estonian tax code ranks first in the OECD Tax Competitiveness Index for the 8 consecutive years (2021).
  • 0% corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits.
  • Estonia is one of the most open economies in the world with export of goods and services placing round 73% of the GDP.
  • Northern Europe’s hub for start-ups, R&D, knowledge and digital business.
  • The economy is data driven due to extensive IT usage that creates scalability and real-time data.

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Brief overview


Minimum investment of EUR 65,000

Processing time

Up to two months after submission of the application


The right to live, work and study in Estonia

Access to Schengen Area

Residence requirement of Estonia residence by investment

There is no minimum number of days of physical presence in Estonia required in order to renew the residence permit.

Permanent residence permit

After five years of granting the residence permit and residing in Estonia on the basis of temporary residence permit, the candidate may apply for an extension of the residence permit to obtain the right of residing permanently (long-term residence permit).