MSG Defense provides a flexible range of training courses, which put trainees in direct contact with the team that is currently developing and deploying the Methodology on a daily basis.

AB-SCP Influence Training

Strategic Campaign Planning is the process of exploring Client Objectives (the problem/questions) to be addressed during the project and formally structuring a problem space in order to identify the Behavioral Objectives and the key groups, behaviors and audiences relevant to the Behavioral Objectives.

AB-SCP Influence Training will cover the following points:

  • How to develop an understanding of a problem space
  • How to identify the changes in behavior that will yield results that measurably contribute to achieving the project objectives
  • How to identify the target group that is most accessible, amenable to influence and closely related to the survival of the non-desired behavior

AB-TAA Influence Training

Target Audience Analysis is the examination of a group with whom we wish to communicate through the use of valid and reliable scientific measurement tools, in order to construct a robust profile of that audience and how it can be influenced by an appropriately conceived and deployed message campaign. Our methodologies parameters and their use and measurement are the central components of the AB-TAA Influence Training.

AB-CIS Influence Training

During the TAA phase, a profile of a target audience is constructed, and we begin to create a picture of the kind of audience they are and the factors of a campaign to which they might respond.

The AB-CIS Influence Training covers the parameters and behavior change theories relevant to the creation of the optimum Campaign Intervention Strategy based on TAA data. In addition, the training sheds light on how to assess the degree of potential for the CIS to bring about the desired behavior change. The Predicted Measure of Effectiveness Index and Hypothesis Testing methods are examples of the methods covered in this training.

AB-MOE Influence Training

This training presents the Audience-Based Measures of Effectiveness (AB-MOE) Framework, a method for evaluating interventions using audience data. It can be used to evaluate the outcome of a behavioral change campaign, which aims to achieve higher-level project objectives. TAA analysis uses field-based audience research to provide actionable behavioral change recommendations. The AB-MOE combines audience data and Behavioral Objectives within a holistic framework. Its purpose is to enable comparison of a Target Audience before and after an intervention in order to evaluate whether the intervention has been effective towards the designated objectives. The training covers the process of building a structure to do this, defines the theoretical components needed to understand the Framework, and presents an example initial analysis of baseline audience data.

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